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Pioneering the discovery and delivery of non-invasive bioelectronic treatments.

Targeting neuromotor conditions with limited treatment options.

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Our Mission

Neursantys is pioneering the discovery and delivery of bioelectronic treatments using non-invasive devices to target neuromotor conditions that have limited treatment options.

Our initial commercial focus is age-related balance decline.

Our R&D collaborations are addressing conditions that accelerate neuromotor decline: diseases such as multiple sclerosis, trauma such as head impact injuries, and prolonged exposure to microgravity (a fundamental medical challenge for all human activities in space).

Bioelectronic stimulation enables treatments for a wide range of medical conditions that are faster, more localized, and have lesser side effects compared to chemical-based pharmaceuticals that alter molecular pathways.

Bioelectronic devices can also provide functional recovery for conditions that have no pharmaceutical options, although many well-known examples still require surgically  implanted devices (cardiac pacemakers, deep brain and spinal cord stimulators, and cochlear, retinal, and vestibular implants).

Age-related balance decline
Head impact injuries
Multiple sclerosis
Prolonged exposure to

Unmet Clinical Need: Age-Related Balance Decline

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  • The human balance system develops though complex neuroplastic learning processes that continue well into our teenage years, but begins to decline again after the age of 40.




  • Age-related balance impairments affect 35% of U.S. adults aged 40 years and older (60 million Americans), increasing to 85% of individuals aged 80 years and older.
    • Degrades quality of life and reduces ability to live independently.
    • Increases risk of fall-related injuries.


  • Economic burden in the U.S. includes



  • Current therapeutic options to restore disrupted balance are limited to experimental and high-risk vestibular implants.

Neursantys Solution

Our flagship product, NEURVESTA, is the first bioelectronics platform that enables discovery and delivery of treatments for multiple neuromotor conditions.

For age-related balance decline, the NEURVESTA device delivers very low-level non-invasive electrical stimulation of the vestibular system, also known as EVS, one of several safe and widely studied bioelectronic stimulation techniques with no adverse side effects.

Neursantys uses a proprietary bioelectronic treatment discovery technology to quantify impairments to all of the key components of the balance system and rapidly assess individual patient responses to a wide range of stimulation parameters in real time as the EVS is being applied.

This unique capability has allowed us to develop proprietary EVS waveforms that deliver large and persistent neuroplastic restoration of disrupted balance.

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