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disrupted by aging, injuries, or disease.

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Neursantys creates innovative wearable devices that expand access to comprehensive personalized diagnoses and treatments for people with balance disruptions caused by aging, injuries, or disease.

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Unmet Clinical Need

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Age-related balance impairments caused by vestibular dysfunction affect 35% of U.S. adults aged 40 years and older (58 million Americans), increasing to 85% of individuals aged 80 years and older.

  • Degrades quality of life and reduces ability to live independently.
  • Increases risk of fall-related injuries.

Vestibular dysfunction can be accelerated by injuries and disease.

Economic burden in the U.S. includes

Current diagnostic solutions require clinical expertise and specialized equipment that many patients cannot access.

Current therapeutic options to restore balance are limited to high-risk surgical implants.

Neursantys Solution

We are developing easier to use and more widely accessible wearable diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to diagnose and treat balance disruptions.

Wearable assessment of balance and movement disruptions and underlying neurophysiological impairments.

Non-invasive therapeutic neurostimulation to help restore disrupted balance and movement.

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