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NEURVESTA is the first bioelectronics platform that enables
discovery and delivery of treatments for multiple neuromotor conditions.

Ralston JD, King JA, Rempel J, Peters RM. “Wearable Bioelectronic Balance Restoration in Older Adults.” AGE-WELL 2023 Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, October 24-26,2023.
NEURVESTA is currently available for research studies and clinical pilots under IRB.

For age-related balance decline, Neursantys has developed a proprietary EVS treatment protocol that only requires three 20-minute sessions per week for 6 weeks to deliver large and persistent neuroplastic restoration of balance in populations from 50-90 years of age, with corresponding increases in ambulatory confidence and reductions in fall risk.

The ease-of use and wearable form factor allow NEURVESTA treatments to be administered by medical staff with minimal training, and eventually by patients themselves at home, to proactively restore disrupted neuromotor functions and to potentially slow the related cognitive decline.

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